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Does Romney’s Religious Devotion Make Him More or Less Trustworthy?

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Mitt Romney may be a member of a religious minority, but conservative Christians are working hard to think of him as “one of us.” Romney himself is hoping that they will take his religious devotion as a sign that he … Continue reading

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Does Mitt Romney Think He’s a Jew?

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While in Jerusalem Mitt Romney made an appearance at the Wailing Wall in a Yarmulka. Was he just trying to pay tribute to Orthodox tradition or does he think he’s a Jew? Perhaps both. Conservative Christianity teaches “supersessionism,” the idea … Continue reading

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Are Mormon Undergarments Magic Between the Sheets?

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To outsiders there is little more fascinating about the Mormon religion than the underwear that Mormon temple initiates are expected to wear day and night. As one former believer put it, “I’ve been an exmo since 1967. All that time, … Continue reading

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Is Romney’s Religion Dangerous for America? One Ex-Mormon Offers His Views

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When religious minorities run for public office, people get worried about whether loyalty to their creed or religious hierarchy may affect their ability to perform elected duties. How might Mitt Romney’s faith affect his social, economic or diplomatic priorities? Should … Continue reading

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