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God’s Emotions 5: A God with a Temper

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[Wicked men] are now the objects of that very same anger and wrath of God, that is expressed in the torments of hell. And the reason why they do not go down to hell at each moment, is not because … Continue reading

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Polytheism and Human Sacrifice in Early Israelite Religion

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—-An interview with Thom Stark, author of The Human Faces of God. Thom Stark is a scholar of ancient and modern religious texts. He is currently an M.A.R. student at Emmanuel School of Religion in Johnson City, TN.  His first … Continue reading

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God’s Emotions 4 – What are Emotions Anyways?

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The basic point I am making is that, in humans, emotions are neither a liability nor some superfluous fluff like the wings on an angel. They are practical mental processes that serve a purpose. And since the God of the Bible is described as having emotions, this fact alone raises some interesting questions. What exactly are emotions? How do they work? What are they for? And how do these details relate to our notions about God? Continue reading

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God’s Emotions 3: Do Christians Really Think that God Has Emotions?

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God is interesting only if he is knowable and has “hedonic relevance.” By hedonic relevance I mean that by understanding or pleasing God I can make my life better or worse. If God is defined at a level of abstraction sufficient to satisfy many scientists, philosophers, and even theologians, he becomes immediately uninteresting to most believers.
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God’s Emotions – 2 What psychology can and can’t say about God

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“Prove that God exists,” says the skeptic.  “Prove that He doesn’t,” says the believer.  “The burden of proof is yours,” says the skeptic, with a sneer in his voice. “Exceptional claims and all that.”  “I can’t hear you,” says the … Continue reading

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