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Why a 20-week Abortion Ban is Unthinkable–One Woman’s Near Death Experience

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Childbearing is inherently dangerous, and it is time that the risks of pregnancy became a part of our national conversation about contraception and abortion. ——————– “If a woman grows weary and at last dies from childbearing, it matters not. Let … Continue reading

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One Woman’s War on Teen Pregnancy and Poverty in Memphis

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Claudia Haltom was a juvenile court judge in Memphis who, as she puts it, got tired of taking babies away from teenagers. The final straw came when a 17-year-old mother of three stood in front of her, pregnant. “Who is … Continue reading

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AwayPoint on Moral Politics TV: Catholic Healthcare–Who Calls the Shots?

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Catholic Bishops and Your Health Care – Who Calls the Shots? Valerie interviews Monica Harrington on Moral Politics prduced by Bill Alford–SCAN TV Seattle (28 minutes). Combine medieval theology, million-dollar paychecks, taxpayer subsidies and what’s the result? A Constitutional crisis … Continue reading

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Do Religious Restrictions Force Doctors to Commit Malpractice?

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Picture this: You wake up far too early one morning because your hand is intensely painful and you don’t know why. When the pain gets worse, you go to the ER. The attending doctor, a gray haired man, examines you, … Continue reading

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Top 20 Most Popular

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Of the 400+ articles and recordings by Valerie Tarico collected here, these  20 are among the most popular. The articles in this short list have appeared at a variety of online news and opinion sites, together receiving over 2 million views and tens of thousands of … Continue reading

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