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Does Obama’s Commitment to Christianity Trump Commitment to Constitution?

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Faith based social services; Christian language from the presidential bully pulpit; Executive support for Arizona tax credits that divert dollars away from public coffers and into religious schools …  by the stack of evidence mounting up this fall, President Obama’s … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Thank You–to the Seattle Police Department

Not what I usually write about, but something that has been bubbling at the edge of my consciousness.  I dropped this off at my local precinct headquarters this afternoon. November 26, 2010 As I was chopping celery for stuffing and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Confessions of an Ornery Atheist

As a child I liked Thanksgiving hymns even better than Christmas carols – perhaps because I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian.  My daughter, Brynn, is the same way.  Case in point:  She probably would have disliked the Twilight … Continue reading

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God’s Emotions 6: Pleasing a High Status Deity (Supplication, Adulation, and Subservience)

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Note:  This is Part Six in a series, “God’s Emotions: Why the Biblical God is so Very Human.”  Parts 1-5 are available at Imam Muhammed Baquir is said to have related this illustrative fable:  “Finding I could speak the … Continue reading

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Getting God’s Self-Appointed Messengers Out of Your Head

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The self appointed messengers of God are legion.  Some lived thousands of years ago; some stand weekly in front of thousands of people.  Some lecture you from the pulpit; some lecture you when you go home for the holidays.  And … Continue reading

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