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How the Catholic Bishops Outsmarted Washington Voters

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When it comes to matters of individual conscience, Washington State voters have a don’t-mess-with-us attitude that makes Texans look like cattle—and it goes way back. In 2012 Washington voters flexed their muscle by legalizing recreational marijuana use and marriage for … Continue reading

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Will the Catholic Bishops Decide How You Die?

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What happens when religious institutions get to manage public funds, absorb secular hospitals, and put theology above medical science and individual patient conscience? In 2010, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an elderly woman was rushed to a local hospital called St. John. … Continue reading

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Gosnell “House of Horrors” Stirs Pre Roe v. Wade Memories

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Desperate, frightened women. Incompetent and unscrupulous medical practitioners. Poor equipment. Bloody sheets. Filthy conditions. Gruesome fetal and placental remains . . . . For anyone who lived or even has heard pre-Roe abortion stories, the trial and conviction of Philadelphia … Continue reading

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What Christianity and Kink Have in Common

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Want a special someone who will bring you to your knees? One who will be totally in charge? One who will tell you that you are really, really bad and threaten you with punishments? Maybe you have a little day … Continue reading

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The Mythical 11-year-old Slut with Fifty Bucks in Her Pocket

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You know the eleven year old down the street who  divides her after-school time between the park where she gets laid and the drug store where she buys her douches? Yeah, neither do I. But apparently a number of right … Continue reading

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Imagine No Religion. On Facebook.

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Sometimes Facebook mirrors our world a little too well. I go to Facebook to escape—from mounds of laundry waiting to be folded, weeds that are taking over the front yard, the ever burbling saga of minor crises in my extended … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with the FDA’s Plan B Compromise? Almost Everything.

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Once again women’s health and autonomy is being compromised for politics. The Obama administration had the mandate and information they needed to make a science-based decision that put women’s health as top priority, and once again they failed to do … Continue reading

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