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Solar Powered Bibles for Haiti: Why Some Christians Feel Compelled to Exploit Disaster

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While Doctors without Borders was struggling to get anesthetics for amputations into Haiti, an Albuquerque group queued up aid of their own sort: 600 solar powered talking Bibles. Eve now, food, water, and medicine are having trouble reaching Haitians because … Continue reading

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Tree Droppings

This morning, when I thought I had better things to do, I spent an hour cleaning gutters and sweeping tree droppings off of our back porch roof. I could have been writing the definitive article that would spread across the … Continue reading

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(Parody) Televangelist Robertson Likely Possessed by Satan   It appears that televangelist Pat Robertson is in the thrall of Satan, according to spiritual warriors, Drs. Valerie Tarico and Marlene Winell. "It’s the only possible explanation," said Tarico. "How else can we make sense of his repeated … Continue reading

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Ugandan Atrocity: Perversion of Religion or the Real Deal?

Last week, the Seattle Times featured an editorial, finally, about the horrendous anti-gay movement that has been spawned in Uganda by American Evangelicals. Unable to make sufficient homophobic headway at home, evangelists have been heading to Africa, with their literally … Continue reading

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Hey Atheist! Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is!

Are you an atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinker or some such who cringes at the thought of people being given the Four Spiritual Laws along with disaster relief? Do you think that promoting “eternal salvation” to five-year-olds is exploitative? Do you … Continue reading

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In Seattle, Solstice Is the Reason for the Season!

December twenty-first is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. That makes the 22nd the first day of more sun! Let me spell that out. Beginning this week we’re on a path toward “sun breaks” and dry sidewalks, a … Continue reading

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Canadian Health Care: Five Terrifying Testimonials I married a Canadian, which got me, among other things, some pretty awesome Canadian in-laws, a bunch of friends who think hockey is actually worth watching (not for the same reason I do, which is to nerd out on … Continue reading

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