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Christian Belief Through the Lens of Cognitive Science: Part 8 of 8

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“I had no need of that hypothesis.” Over the course of the summer I wrote a series of articles about brain science and Christianity, and I promised a final installment that never came.  This is it. The series asked and–within … Continue reading

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Rebiblican Stealth Strategy Loses Big in Washington State, Wins Big on East Coast. Why?

(Huffington Post, November 5, 2009) As the Right Wing base sinks to new levels of insanity taking the Republican brand with it, “going stealth”  has become the campaign strategy of choice in districts where an all-out, Teabagger Town Hall, Palin-Beck, … Continue reading

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Women or Babies: When Values Conflict

(Huffington Post, October 18, 2009) The most controversial check I write each year is the one that goes to a small nonprofit called Project Prevention. Project Prevention pays drug addicts and chronic alcoholics to get permanent or long term birth … Continue reading

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Speaking Evangelese: Tips for Politicians

(Huffington Post, October 19, 2009) Advice for candidates from a former fundie. One thing I learned not long after finishing my Spanish degree was — never volunteer to translate anything into a language you don’t dream in. I was visiting … Continue reading

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Susan Hutchison: Washington State’s Sarah Palin?

(Huffington Post – October 13, 2009) Next week in King County, Washington, "nonpartisan" Susan Hutchison will be vying with Democrat Dow Constantine for the role of County Executive. The seat controls significant resources in a region that often plays a … Continue reading

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Many Unaware of World Vision’s Evangelical Mission

On October 2nd, The Seattle Times featured an AP article about the recent quake in Sumatra, along with a “how to help” list. At the top of that list was World Vision International. What the article failed to mention, and … Continue reading

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Christians Vote on Worst Verse in the Bible

In case you missed the announcement, has published an "authoritative" list of the ten worst verses in the Bible. At a time when atheists are posting ads on billboards and busses around the world, you might assume that the … Continue reading

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