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The Dark Side: Preface

 A Nation under God Our goal is a Christian nation…. We have a biblical duty; we are called by God to conquer this country. We don’t want equal time. We don’t want pluralism. We want theocracy. Theocracy means God rules. —Randall Terry, … Continue reading

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Da Vinci Code: Putting God’s Name on Our Prejudices

Putting God’s Name on Our Prejudices   Many women, both within Christianity and outside of the Christian faith have the vague sense that something is missing from traditional views of God or Goodness.    Christianity has its roots in patriarchal … Continue reading

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Da Vinci Code: Political Forces Shape Religious Beliefs

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May 7, 2006 This week, tens of millions of Americans will watch the Hollywood thriller based on Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code.  Brown’s conspiracy-laced murder mystery is an adrenaline rush from start to finish.  That’s what it is … Continue reading

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Da Vinci Code: Unveiling Christian Diversity

Unveiling Christian Mysteries   The Da Vinci Code, a murder-chase-thriller has sold 40 million copies, spawned over ten rebuttal books from offended traditionalists, and is expected to be a Hollywood blockbuster.  Why?  Because it opens up a fascinating set of … Continue reading

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The Spiritual and Moral Heart of Progressive Politics

The Spiritual and Moral Heart of Progressive Politics    The world’s great religions and moral philosophies, including Christianity, converge on three core virtues.  Together, these three virtues make up the moral core of progressive politics.   They are:  humility, charity, and … Continue reading

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