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Is Science Merely Another Religion?

In public media and private conversations, one often hears the argument that science is just another religion.  This is a powerful allegation.  It levels the playing field.  It says, essentially, everybody is entitled to an opinion, and you don’t have … Continue reading

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Will People Worship Anything Entertaining?

Ask an Ex    Dan V writes:    . . . I am confused as to why most evangelicals avoid reading biblical sholarship regarding the Bible. True, the works of scholars like John Boswell and Morton Smith take a fair amount of concentration, … Continue reading

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Mars Hill: Light and Darkness

The ten year anniversary of Ballard megachurch, Mars Hill, was honored this fall with a piece in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about its growing regional influence.  The article set off an on-line flurry, with defenders pointing out the transformed lives of some church … Continue reading

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Ridding God of His Maggots

 Sometime around 1986, after leading children to Jesus as a counselor at Child Evangelism Camp, after dialing to win souls during the "I Found It" Campaign, after attending the Wheaton College of Billy Graham fame, and after struggling for years … Continue reading

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