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The Thinking Atheist — Impossible(?) Conversations:  The Best and Worst of “Woke Culture” (56 min audio)

Psychologists Dr. Hector Garcia and Dr. Valerie Tarico join us for a complex, nuanced, and thoughtful conversation about the dying of discourse in a hyper-divided world. When should we speak, and when should we shout? Are we picking the right battles? When should we declare war on awful agents? And are good people sometimes getting an unfair shake? This is a discussion about discussions.

The Institute for Liberal Values – Critical Social Justice in Psychotherapy Livestream (1:02 video)

This session brings together Social Worker Zander Keig, Psychiatrist Sally Patel, Psychologist Valerie Tarico. Spanning the center right to center left of the political spectrum, the mental health practitioners discuss what they perceive as harmful incursions of woke ideology and activism into psychotherapy–a space where they believe focus and approach should be driven by client priorities and evidence-based practices.

Hold My Drink Podcast #64:  Diagnosing Woke Therapy (47 min audio)–64-Diagnosing-Woke-Therapy–Valerie-Tarico-e1csame/a-a77pair
Co-host David Bernstein speaks with psychologist Valerie Tarico. Valerie, a former evangelical, shares  overlap she’s found in woke ideology and religious fundamentalism, which she finds disturbing. Also concerning is the way this ideology has crept into psychotherapy, radically changing the process.

Between Past and Future Podcast – Humble Curiosity (56 min audio)

Ethan Quinones, Rajdeep and Valerie Tarico discuss the parallels between evangelicalism and wokeism.

Freethought Matters Television – Trusting Doubt (27 min video)
Youtube, Freedom From Religion Foundation

Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker interview Valerie Tarico about her journey out of Evangelical Christianity, how the Bible denigrates women, religious trauma, and raising good kids without gods, and more.

Pace In Freedom Podcast – Sex Ed for the Left and Right with Dr. Valerie Tarico (53 min audio)

James Pace and Valerie Tarico discuss the ethics of abortion, the meaning of personhood, and how we sort ourselves into political tribes that make it more difficult to solve social problems together.

The Right to Reason – Debating Abortion (60 min. audio)

Valerie Tarico takes the stance that broad abortion access is a social and moral good that promotes wellbeing. Divinity student Chris Christian argues for fetal personhood and  that abortion should be morally forbidden and illegal. 

The Right to Reason- The Righteous and the Woke (51 min. audio)
Youtube, Patreon, ITunes

What do sincere Evangelicals and Social Justice Warriors have in common? More than you might think. Both, for one thing, care passionately about personal moral values and improving our society. Robert Stanley and Valerie Tarico–both left-leaning–discuss some parallel social and emotional dynamics that plague both groups to their detriment.

The Thinking Atheist – The Righteous and the Woke: Purity Cults in the Struggle for Justice (1 hr, 7 min. audio)

In this crazy world, how often has a passionate desire for justice caused us to oversimplify complex problems, ignore details that don’t validate us, and vilify all who dare to disagree? Has “Woke Culture” sometimes exhibited a dogmatic, even religious, attitude toward the worthy and the unworthy? And is it even possible to have a reasonable conversation about this in the Era Of Online Outrage? Valerie Tarico joins Seth Andrews for just such a conversation.

The Phil Ferguson Show, Episode 260 – Women vs Religion (1 hr, 13 min. audio) 

Phil interviews Valerie Tarico about her chapter, Owned – Slaves, Women, Children, and Livestock, in  Women vs. Religion: The Case Against Faith and For Freedom, edited by Karen Garst.

Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast, Episode 182 – Valerie Tarico (1 hr, 45 min. audio)

In this free-ranging interview, Cass Midgley and Bob Pondillo talk with Valerie Tarico about recovery from religion, her book Trusting Doubt, and a wide range of social topics including shifting sexual mores and gender dynamics.

Honest Debate: Religion Good and Bad , Secular Sunday School (1 hr, audio)

Atheists love to talk about religion, usually to criticize it. Here are two atheists, Valerie Tarico and me, debating whether religion is mostly good or mostly bad. The debate is the fifth in our series, using a format that prevents the debaters from talking past each other The debaters also field a question from Daniel Dennett.

Should Christians Adopt Ancient Sexual Practices, Veracity Hill Podcasts (1 hr, 5 min. audio)

Christian apologist Kurt Jaros interviews psychologist and former Evangelical Valerie Tarico about women and girls in the Bible. Within a wide ranging conversation,  Tarico and Jaros discuss the behavior of Alabaman Senate candidate Roy Moore, who pursued girls as young as age 14 while an attorney in his 30s, and Tarico makes the case that this behavior is in line with the biblical view–essentially that women are childbearing economic assets of men.

Christianity–Should I Embrace or Reject It?, A Windmill Ministries Debate (1 hr, 16 min. video)

Drawing largely on the psychology of belief, former evangelical Valerie Tarico, Ph.D., argues that Christian dogmas put excessive faith in human beings.  Christian apologist Luuk van de Weghe, draws on the evidence of scripture and in particular the resurrection story, to make his case in favor of belief. A 70 minute formal discussion was followed by a 45 minute Q&A (separate video on YouTube).

Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces, The Thinking Atheist (1 hr, 54 min. audio)

Are trigger warnings a helpful tool for avoiding potentially harmful distress, or the enabling of hypersensitivity and a victim culture?  We discuss trigger warnings and “safe spaces” in this (inevitably controversial) broadcast.  Guests include a few activists in the freethought movement, and psychologists Dr. Caleb Lack and Dr. Valerie Tarico.

Religion: The Mind Virus, The Thinking Atheist (64 min. audio)

Seth Andrews hosts a panel discussion about how Religion attaches to the human mind and emotions.  Dr. Andy Thomson is a psychiatrist, a trustee for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, on staff with the University of Virginia, and author of “Why We Believe in God(s): a Concise Guide to the Science of Faith.”  Dr. Valerie Tarico is a psychologist, columnist for AlterNet, and author of “Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light.” Dr. Darrel Ray is a psychologist, co-founder of Recovering From Religion, author of “Sex & God” and “The God Virus,” and host of the Secular Sexuality podcast.

Victims Speak Out, Blogtalk Radio (30 min. audio)
Valerie is interviewed by host Mary Augilar Buttafuoco about how Christian cults snare and retain members. We talk about religion as a mind virus that gets transmitted from person to person, exploiting our yearning to be part of community and to trust other people who can help us understand our world.

The God Debate 2015, Western Washington University (1 hr, 53 min video).
On May 20 I participated in a four person debate about the existence of God at Western Washington University. On the ‘yes’ side were Mike Raschko and Mark Markuly from the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. On the ‘no’ side were Bob Seidensticker and me.

Death With Dignity – An Interview with Robb Miller of Compassion and Choices Washington, Moral Politics Television (28 min. video)

Difficult dying, with unmanageable suffering, afflicts more than five percent who reach the end. Hospice generally practices a neutral “neither hinder nor hasten death” with mildly palliative care. Voters of Washington granted its qualified citizens a RIGHT to dignified dying.  Yet, religious opposition keeps too many in end-time agony. Robb Miller of Compassion & Choices of Washington ( discusses with host Valerie Tarico the imperative and obstacles to Death with Dignity in Washington State.

Controversy Surrounds Portland Arrival of Good News Club Think Out Loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting (25 minute panel discussion)
Child Evangelism Fellowship is on a mission to save children from hell by winning converts to their form of Bible belief.  After school clubs on public school grounds include treats and crafts along with the message that children are born so bad that the only way to save them from hell was the DEATH of Jesus.

Catholic Healthcare — Legal Trauma!, Moral Politics Television (28 min. video). 
Is your health care subject to “The Bishops’ Rules”? Today, three Catholic bishops oversee almost half the medical care in Washington State.  The Bishops’ Rules forbid contraception, abortion, participation with Death with Dignity, and any treatments developed through embryonic stem cell research.  The University of Washington is helping to fuel the expansion of bishop-controlled health care, and the WA Supreme Court just gave the bishops free rein to fire gay physicians and nurses. Join guest Monica Harrington, of, and host Valerie Tarico for a discussion of publicly-financed Catholic health care and why its growth endangers your health and your rights. February 28, 2014.

Trusting Doubt, Freethought Radio (30 min.)
Hosts Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor interview Valerie Tarico about her book Trusting Doubt and discuss recovery from religion. January 25, 2014

Psychoanalyzing God, The Thinking Atheist Radio Podcast #137 (30 min.)
Host Seth Andrews and Valerie Tarico in a meandering conversation about the psychology of religion and, in particular, the Christian God. November 19, 2013.

Catholic Bishops and Your Health Care – Who Calls the Shots?, Moral Politics Television (28 min. video).
Combine medieval theology, million-dollar paychecks, taxpayer subsidies and what’s the result? A Constitutional crisis where the Catholic bishops control almost half of Washington’s health care system, using your tax dollars to assert their “moral authority” and make decisions about your health care.  Valerie interviews Monica Harrington of  June 10, 2013.

Coal – A Disaster for the Northwest,  Moral Politics Television (28 min. video). 
The Pacific Northwest stands between the world’s largest coal reserves and the world’s largest coal consumer, China.  Valerie interviews Eric de Place of Sightline Institute. November 28, 2012.

Recovering From Religion? Give Yourself TimeFreethought Festival, Madison Coalition of Reason (20 min. video). 
How religion gets inside your brain and what it takes to get it out.  Lecture, April 12, 2012.

Secular Humanism and MoralityMoral Politics Television (28 min. video). 
Valerie interviews Humanist celebrant Ron Renard from Secular Humanists of North Puget Sound.

Good News ClubMoral Politics Television (28 min. video).
Child Evangelism Fellowship invades Seattle Public grade schools.  Valerie interviews parent John Lederer.

Gun SanityMoral Politics Television (28 min. video).
What would sane gun laws look like? Valerie interviews futurist and blogger Sara Robinson of Center for America’s Future.

Trusting DoubtMoral Politics Television (28 min. video).
Why doubt should be considered a sacred virtue.  Producer Bill Alford interviews Valerie about her book and recovery from fundamentalism.

Dualing Holiday Displays in the State Capitol, Dave Ross Show, KIRO FM (audio). The Freedom From Religion Foundation erects a display in the state capitol building.  Dave Ross interviews Valerie.  December 10, 2008.

Did God kill Jesus? Growing up with blood on our hands, Living Faith Radio (audio).
Rev. Rich Lang interviews Valerie. April 6, 2007

A Clean Mind Series, The Daily Freethought Zone, Internet Radio. (audio):
A series of conversations between Mark Mythos and Valerie about psychology and fundamentalism. November 20-23, 27, 2006; December 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22.

Show 27 – The Problem with Fundamentalism, A Christian and an Atheist (audio).
October 7, 2006

Valerie Tarico, Ex-fundamentalist and Author, Interfaith Talk Radio (audio).
September 25, 2006

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