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Valerie Tarico on A Leap of Doubt Podcast with Nathan Dickey

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#014: Cultural Narratives, Political Tribes, & Humanity’s Death Star (feat. Dr. Valerie Tarico)  My guest for this episode is Dr. Valerie Tarico, a psychologist, writer, and social commentator who tackles religious fundamentalism, gender roles, reproductive empowerment, and the intersection of … Continue reading

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What the unborn and the undead have in common

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Religious opposition to abortion is based on a kind of magical thinking much like that in zombie stories. One freakish thing about zombies is that they look like people even though they aren’t. What does it mean to be a … Continue reading

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Political Narrative II: Why Some Progressives Are Tearing Each Other Apart

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Progressives are telling two different stories about the world we live in and the future we are trying to create. In important ways, they clash. Human beings are story tellers. Stories help us make meaning of events around us and … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast, Episode 182 – Valerie Tarico

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Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast, Episode 182 – Valerie Tarico (1 hr., 45 min. audio) In this free-ranging interview, Cass Midgley and Bob Pondillo talk with Valerie Tarico about recovery from religion, her book Trusting Doubt, and a wide range of social … Continue reading

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Family Planning Kick-Starts Prosperity

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Could low-income Cascadians benefit from the strategy that propelled wellbeing in Japan and South Korea? Continue reading

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Evangelicals Don’t Have a Brand Problem, They Have a Product Problem

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Real soul searching would mean asking what it is about the Evangelical worldview that has made Evangelical leaders and ordinary Bible-believers susceptible to courtship by authoritarian, bigoted, sexist, tribal, unaccountable, entitled anti-intellectuals who dangle the carrot of theocracy. Continue reading

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The Bible Story and Ancient Sexual Script Behind the Handmaid’s Tale

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At the heart of Hulu’s series and Atwood’s book lies an ancient story about two slave women. If The Handmaid’s Tale offers any sign, Margaret Atwood has read more of her Bible than many Christians. Superficially, Atwood’s dystopian novel is littered with … Continue reading

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