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Why I’m No Longer Worried about Losing Roe

If the whole point of the abortion fight is that people should be able to form the families of their choosing at the time of their choosing with the partner of their choosing, then there’s a whole lot we can do to advance the cause with or without Roe.   Continue reading

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Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed Stepped into History . . . Or Maybe They Didn’t

We know less than you might think about the lives of Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed, and most other religious “founders.” Author David Fitzgerald is a history buff whose primary fascination is the early history of religion. When he researched the … Continue reading

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Tradition is no Excuse for Cruel, Harmful Behavior like the Faeroe Islander Dolphin Slaughter

It’s time to stop excusing cruel, unjust or destructive practices simply because they are traditional.  This week, people from the Faeroe Islands, an autonomous territory within Denmark, hunted down a pod of 1428 white-sided dolphins, highly intelligent social animals. The … Continue reading

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Can you Count on Social Security as Part of Your Retirement? Yes. Here’s Why.

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Social Security is in better shape than most people think. As a young adult—almost forty years ago—I assumed that Social Security would be bankrupt by the time I was ready to retire. That was the word on the street. Today … Continue reading

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No, Prosperity and Economic Growth Don’t Require Population Growth – With Robots and AI, the Opposite May Be True.

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Recent depopulation alarmism serves wealthy investors, not ordinary people. Many people assume that population growth is key to a flourishing economy. But if what you care about is the prosperity of ordinary families and individuals, that isn’t true. In his … Continue reading

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