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$100M Jesus Ads Point to Exploitable Weakness in Religious Right

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The people paying for this ad campaign are the same ones promoting homophobia, advocating against reproductive healthcare for women, and funding politicians to protect the good old pecking orders: rich over poor, men over women, pasty white people over everyone with more melanin. Continue reading

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Abortion isn’t the Only Part of Women’s Healthcare That Just Lost Half a Century

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Leading with a diaphragm that will fail 1 in 5 women during a single year over an implant that will fail 1 in 2000 leads to less reproductive empowerment, not more. One might think of it, in fact, as a form of stochastic coercion; you don’t know who is going to get forced by contraceptive failure into a baby they didn’t want, but you know for sure that someone will. Continue reading

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