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Why Some Women Still Vote Republican and What Can be Done About It

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Lists of crazy comments about women by Republican men have been an internet staple for years. If the party agenda were to alienate as many females as possible, they should be doing quite well. Worse yet, from an impact standpoint, … Continue reading

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The ‘ethics’ of the Catholic bishops? Freud had a name for that: Reaction formation.

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As Pennsylvania investigators worked to confirm up to 1000 cases of sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests, a panel of Catholic ethicist-theologians appointed by the bishops was also hard at work.   Like the Pennsylvania team, the panel serving the bishops sought to … Continue reading

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When Religious Teachings Become Immoral

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Religious teachings that once made sense sometimes become harmful under changing conditions. That can put believers in the awkward position of defending practices—either historical or current—that are now widely perceived to be questionable or even immoral. The Abrahamic religions–Judaism, Christianity … Continue reading

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Political Narrative I: This Simple Idea is the Reactor at the Heart of Humanity’s Death Star

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  Many conservative priorities flow from an ancient narrative built around one planet-busting idea—and progressives sometimes fuel it. This article is the first in a series about political and cultural narrative.   Human beings are story tellers. We make sense … Continue reading

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Satanic Temple “Taking Equality Too Far”

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If you have a society that grants religious privilege and exemption and you’re willing to give privilege and exemption to certain groups, then it’s unacceptable to give that only to people who believe in the supernatural.” – Lucien Greaves, cofounder … Continue reading

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Twitterati Go Nuts over Suggestion that Bible is Badly Written

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God forbid we should talk about the fact that the Bible, despite some wise and lyrical passages, is mostly a boring tangled mess. After a storm of protest on Twitter and in comment threads, Salon retracted and removed my recent … Continue reading

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Evangelicals Don’t Have a Brand Problem, They Have a Product Problem

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Real soul searching would mean asking what it is about the Evangelical worldview that has made Evangelical leaders and ordinary Bible-believers susceptible to courtship by authoritarian, bigoted, sexist, tribal, unaccountable, entitled anti-intellectuals who dangle the carrot of theocracy. Continue reading

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