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FDA Thwarts Abortion Foes by Updating Medication Abortion Regimen

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Updated medication abortion regimen is cheaper and more effective. Think of a medication you take. Now imagine that state legislators passed a law saying that any doctor prescribing that medication had to administer three times the necessary dose—just because that’s … Continue reading

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Catholic Mother Has Disabled Child, Questions Faith, Gets Abused by Believers

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Sonia Guizar used to attend mass regularly and teach at a Catholic school. But her Catholic employer’s refusal to cover birth control brought her an ill-timed pregnancy and a child with developmental challenges that stretch her family thin. When she … Continue reading

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Director of TRAPPED Documentary: Abortion Care “the way you would want your health care in general.”

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Filmmaker Dawn Porter pays tribute to the abortion providers of the Deep South. From Florida to Texas, abortion clinics in the South are disappearing, forced out of business by bogus “safety” regulations that have become the primary weapon of conservative … Continue reading

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Evangelical Christianity’s Brand Is Used Up

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“The Evangelical “brand” has gone from being an asset to a liability, and it is helpful to understand the transition in precisely those terms.” Back before 9/11 indelibly linked Islam with terrorism, back before the top association to “Catholic priest” … Continue reading

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Meet Amy Hagstrom Miller – The Texas Abortion Provider Who Refuses to Lie Back and Take It (full interview)

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Amy Hagstrom Miller has defended her group of Texas clinics, Whole Woman’s Health, all the way to the Supreme Court. She and her staff have paid a tremendous personal cost. Molly Ivins, Anne Richards, Sarah Weddington, Wendy Davis, Cecile Richards … Continue reading

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