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Self-Flagellation and the Excruciating Kiss of Jesus –Mother Teresa’s Attraction to Pain

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An Interview with Mary Johnson, former nun and author of An Unquenchable Thirst. With a new Pope at the helm, the Catholic hierarchy has set about to polish its tarnished image. Can an increased focus on the poor make up … Continue reading

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Plan B Ruling: Fox and Family Research Council Seize Chance to Spread Misinformation

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The Fox News response to the recent Plan B ruling provides a graphic example of how the channel uses “fair and balanced” reporting to creates false perceptions. A press release issued by the conservative Family Research Council uses misdirection to … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Die in Peace

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The freedom to die in peace has been much in the news of late. When an 83-year-old man shot first his dying wife and then himself in a Pennsylvania hospice, distressed commenters speculated that local law left him with no better options. … Continue reading

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From AwayPoint on YouTube: Why The God Hypothesis is Obsolete

Christianity Through the Lens of Cognitive Science, Part 8.  (Last in Series) Brain science is remarkably close to offering a full naturalistic explanation of individual religious experiences, everything from certain belief to moral indignation to mystical rapture to spiritual transformation. … Continue reading

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Thanks for Dirty Dishes. And Taxes.

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Weird as it sounds, using tax-time to count your blessings may boost your mental health.           As April heats up and that midnight-on-the-15th deadline approaches, even the most civic minded of us can end up feeling stressed and crabby about … Continue reading

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