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Southern Poverty Law Center Puts Muslim Reformer and Ex-Muslim Atheist in “Field Guide”

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In a misguided attempt to protect Muslims from bigotry and harm, the venerable Southern Poverty Law Center has gone off the rails—so say former Muslims and moderate Muslims working for reform within their own communities.  The SPLC has a long … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Freethinkers Can Look Forward to a Bright 2014

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Days may be dark right now—after all, as the memes proclaim, axial tilt is the reason for the season. But things are looking bright for those who would like to see humanity more grounded in science and reason. If you … Continue reading

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From AwayPoint on YouTube: Why The God Hypothesis is Obsolete

Christianity Through the Lens of Cognitive Science, Part 8.  (Last in Series) Brain science is remarkably close to offering a full naturalistic explanation of individual religious experiences, everything from certain belief to moral indignation to mystical rapture to spiritual transformation. … Continue reading

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8 Ways the Religious Right Wins Converts – To Atheism

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Note: Este articulo es disponible en español aquí. If the Catholic Bishops, their Evangelical Protestant allies, and other Right-wing fundamentalists had the sole objective of decimating religious belief, they couldn’t be doing a better job of it. Testimonials at sites … Continue reading

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The Atheist Visibility Movement: Should atheists slam religion or show respect?

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A Midwestern atheist tells of sitting in her lunchroom at work and listening as conversation opened up around her about religious differences. Her co-workers included several kinds of Protestants, a Catholic, even a Jew. Sensing they were in risky territory, … Continue reading

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