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New Egg Sorting Technologies to Save Six Billion Chicks Yearly from Industrial Grinders

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When you think of humanely-sourced eggs, you may picture hens that are cage free. Think smaller. During the past decade, a growing number of consumers have become aware that the quest for efficient industrial-scale egg production had led to hens … Continue reading

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Whether Veg or Flexitarian–Ethical Eating is Working

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If you sometimes make food choices based on your values rather than your pocketbook or fancy, you should know that those small, occasional pivots are making a difference. You’re on the milk aisle in the grocery store. The milk from … Continue reading

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Top Eight Things You Can Do About Climate Change Right Now

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While California was approaching tinderbox conditions that erupted into catastrophic fires, an oil industry coalition led by British Petroleum was spending $30 million to persuade Washington State voters that dirty fuel producers shouldn’t have to pay a dump fee on … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons I Love My Electric Leaf

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How do you like the Leaf? I get the question at odd times—like yesterday, when my husband and I were renting a vanilla sedan to negotiate L.A. freeways. “What kind of car do you usually drive?” the white-blonde boob-jobbed salesgirl asked … Continue reading

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Africa: Serious plus Correct—a Rwandan formula for hope

Perhaps a small, landlocked country in the middle of Africa could have a thing or two to teach the world. Continue reading

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