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Better to unload the gun than shoot at a bulletproof vest – Redditors endorse birth control for men.

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Locker room bluster? No thanks. This high school student wants to hear what you really think. Last summer high school junior William Trinh landed a coveted internship funded by the National Institutes of Health. He showed up at the University … Continue reading

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Better Birth Control for Men – How Would It Work? What’s in the Pipeline?

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Most people think of contraception as an issue of women’s health and rights. But for millennia, men too have wanted choices—the means to decide whether, when, and with whom they father a child. Coitus interruptus or the “withdrawal method” was … Continue reading

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Will Reproductive Rights Advocates Stand Up for Men?

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Frozen embryos open new questions about forced parenthood and whether men, too, might have rights under Roe v. Wade. Those of us on the Left like to say that we’re all “in it” together: rich, poor; white, brown; queer, straight; … Continue reading

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Condoms are So Hundred Years Ago! Why Better Birth Control for Men Would Be Better for Everyone

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Birth control options for men and women are a century apart. Men deserve better. The best birth control options for women today have qualities our grandmothers could only have dreamed of. They toggle the fertility switch to off until a … Continue reading

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The Male Pill–Are We Ready?

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I want to be able to take matters into my own hands and make sure I cannot father a kid until I choose. –Brian, California t As a young sexually active male in a committed relationship, I would like to … Continue reading

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How Male Birth Control Could Change Our Lives

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Safe, effective birth control for men is long overdue. Consider a tale of two siblings: When Mary hit middle school, she began having such painful periods that her father once called the paramedics, thinking she had a ruptured appendix. But … Continue reading

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