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Why I’m Grateful to be a Former Evangelical

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People who leave Evangelical Christianity often carry scars, either from their time in the walled community of believers or from their struggle to break free. Getting God’s self-appointed messengers out of your head can be the work of a lifetime, … Continue reading

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Religious Trauma Syndrome: How Some Organized Religion Leads to Mental Health Problems

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At age sixteen I began what would be a four year struggle with bulimia.  When the symptoms started, I turned in desperation to adults who knew more than I did about how to stop shameful behavior—my Bible study leader and … Continue reading

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Christian Belief Through the Lens of Cognitive Science, Part 3

I Know Because I Know On a warm afternoon in June, two men have appointments with a psychiatrist.  The first has been dragged to the office by his wife, much to his irritation.  He is a biologist who suffers from … Continue reading

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Christian Belief Through the Lens of Cognitive Science: Part 2

Why God has a Human Mind  Jesus was a human, fathered by a god and born to a virgin. He died for three days and was resurrected.  His death was a sacrifice, an offering or propitiation.  It brings favor for … Continue reading

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Christian Belief Through the Lens of Cognitive Science: Part 1

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Right Belief is the Heart of Christianity. My father died in a climbing accident when he was 59 and I was in my mid twenties.  In one of our last deep conversations before his 1000 meter misstep, he expressed his … Continue reading

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