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Anti-Abortion Talking Heads Claim Talk has no Power to Influence Real World Behavior

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Who incited Christian terrorism?  Not me.  Couldn’t be. In what could be the greatest head-spinner of the season, Christianist Republicans—from presidential candidates to congressmen to Fox News bimbos to sleazy video-splicers and wild-eyed sidewalk ranters-with-rosaries—are scrambling to deny that their … Continue reading

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Trolling for Assassins: The Military Religious Freedom Foundation Confronts Slurs, Becking, and Explicit Threats

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When I first met Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I thought he was –well—a little weird about security.  He didn’t want to sleep in a hotel without a night guard.  He took pains about who knew where … Continue reading

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Why, Despite All, I Feel Sorry for Sarah Palin

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When I was in college, I met a guy who hit his girlfriend harder than he intended to – and killed her.  I have often imagined –let’s call him Peter–looking at his girlfriend’s body on the floor, hoping desperately that … Continue reading

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Gabby Giffords Said It: Words Matter

Confronted with the horrific shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and six constituents who lost their lives, we all should be reminded how tremendously words matter.  Giffords herself knew this. Gabrielle Giffords was described by Alan Grayson, as “one of the most … Continue reading

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