McCain’s Glass House: Hagee

At a news conference in Florida this week, John McCain couldn’t
resist the opportunity to bring up remarks by Jeremiah Wright, calling
them "beyond belief." This, despite the fact that Bill Moyers, in an
hour long interview
last Friday showed the world the broader context in which the remarks
were made. McCain, who seeks to position himself above dirty politics,
has instead positioned himself as a hypocrite.

You might think that, given the thin glass walls of McCain’s own
house, he might have chosen to stay silent out of sheer self interest.
It hasn’t been long since McCain powdered his nose and posed for the
camera with John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel CUFI.
Lest we forget, Hagee is an apocalypse-loving fundamentalist whose best
selling books glorify a river of blood running in the Middle East. He
and his followers raise money to "return" Jews to Israel so that they
can be killed all in one place and bring on the Rapture, Tribulation
and Second Coming. Come, Lord Jesus!

To make matters worse, Hagee’s despicable religious hunger for a
bloodbath has direct political implications. He has used CUFI to throw
his weight behind political organizing that will help to bring about
what he sees as a biblically prophesied war in Iran — also a part of
his god’s will for these End Times. Hagee tours the country rallying
the fundamentalist troops in support of a US-Iran war. All this, and
McCain dares to call Wright "beyond belief"?!

After McCain flew to Hagee’s side for an endorsement and press
conference, why didn’t we hear Hagee’s ugliest remarks over and over on
the air? Hagee calling the Catholic church a whore, Hagee saying that Hurricane Katrina was punishment
for gay pride plans, or Hagee, shouting halleluiahs at the altar of his
bloodthirsty vision? It’s all about who owns the media–and who clips
the bites.

If someone bothered to give us the wide angle picture — Obama with
Wright, Clinton praying with her dominionist cult The Family, and
McCain kissing up to Hagee — the composite story would be about what a
very bad idea it is to have our politicians buying and selling

About Valerie Tarico

Seattle psychologist and writer. Author - Trusting Doubt; Deas and Other Imaginings.
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1 Response to McCain’s Glass House: Hagee

  1. carol says:

    Wow, You picked up the rug in so many places… Now we can see all the dirt huh?
    You tell me "who will make a good President?" The world is in a huge mess right now and only God can deal with it, not no man. I choose the Lord himself! He’s not a liar.
     I will say this: re: Hagee. Most ministries like his mix the truth with perversion of truth. Much of what he says is scriptural but it pinches a bit to those not willing to live a Holy Life. Mind you I am not sticking up for Hagee or his doctrin.
     I don’t know if you are Catholic or not, that isn’t every mans choice and I don’t defend any organized churches. I think you said your thoughts so I will say mine.
     It should be truth that anyone who claims to be christian will listen too. You can’t do that by listening to Organized religion. Hagee is only a chip off the huge block of money mongers who bleed the  now "Social World of Christianity" for money. They throng in by the thousands and believe that blabber being pushed out by the biggies in the the news. That’s what they want to hear, then let them have it I say.
    God knows what they do, Look at all the people in the world starving and going without and those people are making millions off the press and perversions they spread. It makes me sick to see how they brag about taking care of the needy and how they help in foreign countires, they get so much richer everyday while nothing improves in the torn and poor countries. I say someone is lying and I see on the news where the IRS plans on investigating those rich ministries you see on Televison. Yes I just saw one the other day who lives in a 6 million dollar home…  Sure they are feeding the poor and going without to do it. You tell me where the money goes. God don’t prosper us in money, He prospers us in Himself, in the riches of God, Godly wisdom and Heavenly blessings etc.
    I believe there is truth being ministered and yet to be heard in this world yet today. however, time is short, God won’t always bear with mankind and their sins…
    Those TV Evangelists will copy true ministries and pervert truth from real God given Ministries until common people who work for a living spend all they have trying to take a short cut to heaven. I am also speaking of the "Todd Bentleys" and others who endorse him.
    Anyone sick want to go let him kick them in the stomach and spread gold dust on them?
    Truth always dovetails the true Word of God, The Scriptures.
    I know the Word Himself calls the "HARLOT out in book of Revelations", Anyone who will go over and read the scriptures should be able to see with their own understanding who that is. God has made his word so simple even a child can understand it. The catholic church started with a killing spirit on it, They have a saying on the wall in the Vatican and catholics know what it say’s.
     I don’t see any where in the Scriptures that tells mankind to organize a church and separate believers by creeds or doctrins: Oh I’m a Catholic, I’m a Baptist, I’m this or that.  
    If it is there you show it to me.. Thanks for the blog. Raptured 2


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