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Image of Valerie TaricoValerie Tarico is a psychologist and former director of the Children's Behavior and Learning Clinic in Bellevue, Washington.  Her articles can be found regularly in the Green and Religion sections of the Huffington Post. She is the founder of, an interactive library of quotes, stories, proverbs and poems that showcase humanity's shared moral core.  

Tarico's first book, Deas and Other Imaginings, is a collection of stories described as "somewhere between Zen and folktales, somewhere between child's play and wisdom, somewhere between dreaming the world and healing it."

In her own effort to heal a world that is being fractured by cultural and religious zealots, Tarico wrote a second book, Trusting Doubt (former title, The Dark Side),  about her personal encounter with religious fundamentalism and her spiritual journey in search of love and truth.

She has developed a series of lectures informed by her clinical practice and personal experiences that equips parents and educators with tools to understand and nurture the innate character virtues and moral instincts in children.

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As a public speaker, Valerie Tarico challenges listeners to think about their deeply held spiritual and civic values. Whether the focus is on moral development in children or  the cognitive psychology of American fundamentalism, members of your group will leave primed for more conversation and thoughtful action.

Trusting Doubt

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(former title: The Dark Side)
A Former Evangelical Looks at Old beliefs in a New Light

 Most Evangelicals earnestly strive to worship the God of Love. Yet a belief that the Bible is literally perfect can put them in the odd position of defending falsehood, bigotry or even violence. What do literalists teach? How are these teachings distorted? How do they contradict humanity's shared moral core, including the highest values of Christianity itself? Read more...

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