Female? Welcome to Your New Old Role—Breeder

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Men—especially men in positions of power—have often thought about reproduction in economic and competitive terms: More children means more workers for the field, more adherents for the church, more serfs or slaves, and more foot soldiers to help one clan or tribe or kingdom or nation win conflicts with others. Continue reading

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Biden’s Stuttering Pattern Through the Eyes of a Speech-Language Pathologist

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Joe Biden’s role as president has made stuttering a topic of conversation and has brought other public figures with stuttering out of the closet. Biden’s glitches, like those of Trump, Obama and Bush before him, get shared eagerly by people … Continue reading

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Celebrate Christmas? Maybe Leave the Manger in the Basement

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With so much to choose from, perhaps it’s time to pass over the sacrificial baby story. Like all solstice celebrations, Christmas brings light and warmth and beauty into the darkest time of the year. Christmastime offers us a smorgasbord of … Continue reading

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Valerie Tarico on Between Past and Future Podcast

Between Past and Future Podcast – Humble Curiosity (56 min audio)https://betweenpastandfuture.podbean.com/https://open.spotify.com/show/10c5x9A4zvjf7HxF6Tedq2 Ethan Quinones, Rajdeep and  Valerie Tarico discuss the parallels between evangelicalism and wokeism.  

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