Twitterati Go Nuts over Suggestion that Bible is Badly Written

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God forbid we should talk about the fact that the Bible, despite some wise and lyrical passages, is mostly a boring tangled mess. After a storm of protest on Twitter and in comment threads, Salon retracted and removed my recent … Continue reading

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Why is the Bible So Badly Written?

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Many passages in the Bible would get kicked back by any competent editor or writing professor, kicked back with a lot of red ink—often, in fact, more red than black. Continue reading

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Beyond Fear and Fury – Eight Musings on #MeToo, Parts V-VIII

Liberal activists are as driven by moral instincts and emotions as any street preacher, and it is moral emotions that drive how we use the growing power associated with victimhood: Moral indignation, disgust, outrage, vindictiveness, empathic anguish, protective nurturing, love—and, of course the sweet, sweet sensation of righteous superiority; we are only human after all. Each of these gets attached to the causes we fight, and all of them get activated when we talk about sexual harassment, exploitation and assault. Continue reading

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Beyond Fear and Fury – Eight Musings on #MeToo, Parts I-IV

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I. Bring It On Like many female authors digging for material in the darker recesses of personal history, I’ve written about my experience of sexual assault.  And that of my sister, meaning actual blood sibling. And that of my sisters … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast, Episode 182 – Valerie Tarico

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Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast, Episode 182 – Valerie Tarico (1 hr., 45 min. audio) In this free-ranging interview, Cass Midgley and Bob Pondillo talk with Valerie Tarico about recovery from religion, her book Trusting Doubt, and a wide range of social … Continue reading

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Family Planning Kick-Starts Prosperity

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Could low-income Cascadians benefit from the strategy that propelled wellbeing in Japan and South Korea? Continue reading

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Evangelicals Don’t Have a Brand Problem, They Have a Product Problem

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Real soul searching would mean asking what it is about the Evangelical worldview that has made Evangelical leaders and ordinary Bible-believers susceptible to courtship by authoritarian, bigoted, sexist, tribal, unaccountable, entitled anti-intellectuals who dangle the carrot of theocracy. Continue reading

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