A Dozen Ways a Smaller, Older Population Might be Awesome

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We have lots of reasons to look to a changing demographic future with curiosity and optimism. While many of us fret about unaffordable housing or traffic jams caused in part by population pressures, a trending chorus of depopulation doomsaying laments … Continue reading

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Ten Thought Patterns that Trip Up Former Bible Believers

Perhaps it’s been years or even decades since you left biblical Christianity behind. You may have noticed long ago that there are human handprints all over the Good Book. It may have dawned on you that popular Christian versions of … Continue reading

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Female? Welcome to Your New Old Role—Breeder

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Men—especially men in positions of power—have often thought about reproduction in economic and competitive terms: More children means more workers for the field, more adherents for the church, more serfs or slaves, and more foot soldiers to help one clan or tribe or kingdom or nation win conflicts with others. Continue reading

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