Men are More Than Allies When It Comes to Abortion Rights

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Abortion access—or lack thereof—affects the lives of men almost as much as the lives of women. Why are we treating men as mere allies? Allyship used to mean people who shared a mutual interest or who faced a common threat, … Continue reading

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Fall of Roe Podcast: Abortion Hypocrisy and Christianity – A Conversation Between Valerie Tarico and Chris Charbonneau

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I usually hate listening to my interviews, but even I enjoyed this one. Chris Charbonneau is a forty-year reproductive rights leader. Her handprints are on virtually every important innovation in the Planned Parenthood sphere for decades. That includes them spinning … Continue reading

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You Can’t Stop the Overturn of Roe v Wade, but Here are 6 Things You Can do to Mitigate the Harm and Fight Back

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For the time being, the Religious Right has won on federal abortion rights. The Supreme Court is stacked with Catholics—two thirds to be precise—and they have voted to overturn Roe v Wade. For now, conservative Christian theology limits your legal … Continue reading

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“Militantly Misunderstood” then Canceled and Shunned After Decades of Supporting Planned Parenthood

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Imagine being so devoted to Planned Parenthood that you volunteer for years, donate professional services and money, and even write a will leaving the organization a major portion of your assets—only to find yourself shunned and the CEO dismissed because … Continue reading

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Impossible Conversations — Valerie Tarico with Seth Andrews and Hector Garcia on The Thinking Atheist

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The Thinking Atheist — Impossible(?) Conversations:  The Best and Worst of “Woke Culture” (56 min audio) Psychologists Dr. Hector Garcia and Dr. Valerie Tarico join Seth Andrews for a complex, nuanced, and thoughtful conversation about the dying of discourse … Continue reading

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