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9 Clues That Reproductive Policy Is Economic Policy

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Anybody who says that talking about reproductive rights is a distraction from talking about economics is not running the numbers. A study of 9000 women showed that access to free contraception radically dropped the rate of unintended pregnancies, two thirds … Continue reading

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My Abortion Was Different: Why Women Shame and Blame Each Other

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We’ve all heard stories, apocryphal or not, of women who picket family planning clinics and then cross the line when they find themselves with a problem pregnancy. One doctor tells of a patient in stirrups saying, “I don’t belong here, … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Your Period and Why You Don’t Have to Have It

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Seattle family planning doctor Deborah Oyer routinely asks new female patients, “How often do you want to have your period? Monthly? Every three months? Or not at all?” Until she asks, some don’t know they have a choice. Like every … Continue reading

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Thirty Signs You’re a Slut

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In middle school, my daughter Brynn went through a phase when she screened new friends by lending them a book, He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut, by sharp-witted, sharp-tongued blogger Jessica Valenti.  Brynn had read He’s a Stud three times.  … Continue reading

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The Big Lie about Plan B–What You Really Should Be Telling Your Friends.

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It’s time, once and for all, to clear up the confusion about Plan B on message boards, Facebook pages, forums and comment threads. Tweet this: Plan B doesn’t cause abortion. It stops or delays ovulation. No egg, no fertilization, no pregnancy – … Continue reading

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Catholic Hierarchy Lobbies to Suppress Religious Freedom

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What do Koch Industries and the Catholic hierarchy have in common? A determination to shift rights away from individuals and assign them to institutions. Since the founding of the United States our ancestors have wrestled with the question of who … Continue reading

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Righteous Abortion: How Conservative Christianity Promotes What It Claims to Hate

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America’s high rate of abortion can be directly attributed to conservative Christianity’s obsession with controlling and suppressing sexuality. The most effective way to reduce abortion is to de-stigmatize sexuality, improve sexual education, and ensure broad access to excellent contraceptives. In the highly secular … Continue reading

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