During the Age of Corona, Walk Like You Drive

people with masksIf we are going to get through the next few months with our (mental) health intact, we all need a bit of exercise and sunshine. But narrow sidewalks can bring us well within six feet (or two meters) of other walkers. By walking like we drive, we can reduce the chance for the virus to hop from one of us to another.

  1. Walk on the same side of the street you would drive on. If foot traffic is flowing in one direction on one side and the other on the other, we reduce the chances of an unwanted head-on.
  2. Treat intersections like four-way (rolling) stops. All drivers know how to take turns and avoid scrapes if others arrive at the same time or are waiting to cross. Do it.
  3. Give other walkers space. Don’t tailgate.
  4. Travel at the speed of (foot) traffic. Every time you decide to pull out and pass someone is a time that risk is slightly increased.
  5. Stay in your lane. It’s easy to drift toward others if you are talking, listening to music, or lost in thought.
  6. Don’t assume other walkers will follow the rules of the road. People make mistakes, and some are careless.
  7. If you wouldn’t drive without your seatbelt in place, don’t walk without your safety gear. The internet is full of easy, cheap designs for masks. In fact, all of them are cheap compared to a week in bed with a wracking cough and a wretched fever.
  8. Act like your baby is on board—or your grandmother is in the back seat. Because if you get sick, someone you love will likely be along for the ride.

About Valerie Tarico

Seattle psychologist and writer. Author - Trusting Doubt; Deas and Other Imaginings.
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3 Responses to During the Age of Corona, Walk Like You Drive

  1. Valerie, I am no longer on Facebook because of all the false information. I miss communicating with you. Carl


  2. This is a great analogy! Both catchy and accurate.


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