Ode to Health Care Reform: An Absurd Poem about Absurdities


Since I’ve been told this is the season of doggerel . . .

The Party of No
had nowhere to go
but backwards
to get to the future.
"Uh, that doesn’t work,"
said a brazen Young Turk.
"Someone please shut them up
with a cloture!"

Now the No-men were mad,
’cause they wanted real bad
to deep-six health care
and Obama.
They had nary a plan–
just a funeral man
and Fauxx’s hot air

So, they called in the priests
who said "Gays are all beasts,
but fertilized eggs–those are people.
God’s real concern
(which could make your soul burn)
is keeping love gloves
off your steeple."

"You should know there’s a war
full of suffering and gore
being fought against
Christmas and Jesus.
Unless you’re well armed
your kids will be harmed
’cause the godless gay Dems
want to grease us!"

Then the Party’s mad hatter
Beck-o-Reilly did scatter
their hype, like buckshot from a Cheney.
"Death panels for vets!"
Cried a bimbo brunette.
"We want service that doesn’t
cost money."

"And those immigrant fools,
cleaning factories and schools
while hacking from flu,
are just swine.
They’re lazy as curs–
Their skin’s not like yours.
Public health care would make
them supine."

Then health reform failed
and while working folks wailed,
’bout their kids who were
feverish and sobby.
The prophets of greed
who prey upon need,
smiled quietly
out in the lobby.

Will this be our fate? It isn’t too late for a profile in courage or two. Gop might think we don’t care or are just unaware. Rip the Right a new Dien Bien Fu.

About Valerie Tarico

Seattle psychologist and writer. Author - Trusting Doubt; Deas and Other Imaginings.
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