To Middle Class Republicans

A Letter To Middle Class Republicans


To all you middle class Republicans:

 I want to say thank you in advance for the $90,000 my family is expected to receive from our current administration’s pending tax cuts.  Knowing that the expected cut for a middle class family is only $100 makes me appreciate your selflessness even more.


I realize, with the economy in decline, that there were other places the money could have gone.  It could have contributed extra police protection for those of you who can’t afford good alarm systems or gated communities.  It could have been spent on parks, for those who don’t own a nice vacation property like we have.  I understand that public schools are struggling for funds, but, hey, so are private schools, and your gift will allow me to make an even more generous gift to the private school my daughter attends. 


We’ve benefited from your sacrifices in the past.  I do, for example, appreciate how little we pay to license our new cars.  But this goes beyond my wildest dreams.  When I think of all you have given us at your own expense, I find myself, in a word, speechless.

March 21, 2003


About Valerie Tarico

Seattle psychologist and writer. Author - Trusting Doubt; Deas and Other Imaginings.
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